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Supporters & Partners

Shakespeare Dallas is honored to be supported by many amazing corporate sponsors and community partners.

Supporters & Partners

$25,000 and Above

The Hal and Diane Brierley Foundation**
City of Dallas Office of Arts and Culture
Dallas Convention andVisitor’s Bureau
Fitchenbaum CharitableTrust
Hillcrest Foundation/Bank of America
Rea Charitable Trust


The Theodore & Beulah Beasley Foundation
Dallas Foundation
Interabang Books/ Nancy Perot
The Eugene McDermott Foundation
Harold Simmons Foundation
Texas Commission on the Arts
Theatre League Kansas City


Ida Jane & Doug Bailey
Kathryn Betts**
David & Amy Brown**
Kay & Elliot Cattarula
Dallas Shakespeare Club
Sigrid Glenn
Sarah Losinger
Diane and Steve Martichuski*
Pollock Foundation
Tim & Mary Ritter
The Arts Community Alliance


Akin Gump
Ben E. Keith Foundation
Cal & Claire Buie Chaney
Geoff and Kate Demander**
Christine and Darren Dittrich**
Dudley Donahue Farms
Nathan & Linda Eaton**
Higgenbotham Community Fund
John Hall and Cindy Morrisa**
Raphael & Connie Parry
Lex & Monica Smart**
Donald & Linda Stone**
Connie Tate**
Texas Instruments Foundation
Lauren and Mason York**


Matt & Trista Adams**
William R. Bond
Greg & Denise Boydston*
Travis & Amber Carter**
Tamitha Curiel**
Melissa & Charles Deur
Marion & Henry Exall
Mark Moynahan & Linda Farina*
Adrian & Cindy Godinez**
Thomas Gunning & Renee Richeson
Dawna & Robert Guzak
Charles and Judy Hamilton
Trudy & Charles Hess
Kathleen Irvin-Walo
The Kinzie Foundation
James Kralik
Sam Lisman*
Mankoff Family Foundation
Jule Maxwell
Metropolitan Press Inc.
James & Barbara Moroney
Jennifer Nelson-Smith
Linda & Porter Ozanne
Margot Perot
Stacie Reichmuth
Monique Robinson**
Byron Snapp & Jennifer Snider
Stephen & Elizabeth Suellentrop
Craig & Deborah Sutton
Laura & Roy G. Turner III**
John D. Wilkinson III*
Richard and Jessica Wolff**


Joy Baccus
Margaret & William Barnes
Meg Barry*
Shaun Bowring
Clare & George Burch
Tammy DeWolf
Shari Fahey
Jennafer Groswith & David Spencer
The Junior League
Brian McDonald
Cindy and Cameron McSpadden
Nickel Family
Karla Peterson
Dave Player
Karen & Brad Rodriguez
Kevin & Patty St. Jacques
August & Joan Schellenberg
David & Blair Shaw
Austin Tindle
Charles & Theresa Towner
Roy & Marion Wadsworth
Jan & Athol Ware


Kathy & Jean-Paul Abelanet
Dolores & Larry Barzune**
Neil & Rebecca Cobb
Dallas Foundation
Cheryl Ann Francis
Stephen Gendler
Maxwell Hartman
Nancy Hodge
Laurel Hoitsma
Lauren Hollis
R. Elwood & Ann W. Jones
Benjamin Leiwant
Matthew Lloyd
Michele Robberson
James Schield
Valerie Tabor
Jim Underhill
Don Welsh
Maeghan Whitehead &James La Marca
Carol Winkelmann

In Kind

Theatre Three

Matching Gifts

With additional thanks to our Community Partners:

Junior Players
Play On Shakespeare

Special thanks to our Guild Committee

Brendan Alexander
Connie Tate
Denise and Greg Boydston
Jean Mason and Mark Davies
John D. Wilkinson, III
Linda Farina and Mark Moynahan
Rebecca and Kevin Dunn

**Denotes Board of Directors or Advisory Board
*Denotes Guild/ Membership Club or Book Club
Shakespeare Dallas gratefully acknowledges the dedication of the above individuals and organizations who have supported the organization through their generosity. Shakespeare Dallas relies on yourgifts to help provide professional, quality theatre and educational programs to North Texas. Indicates confirmed cumulative giving received between June 5, 2022 and June 5, 2023. Please accept our sincerest apology if someone was inadvertently overlooked. To report errors, please email Marin Sandoz at development@shakespearedallas.org. Any errors will be corrected immediately.