Welcome to Will on the Web: Shakespeare on the Go’s all new virtual classroom!

Thank you so much for registering! Now, let’s get learning!

Step #1: To register, go to: https://classroom.google.com/

Step #2: Log into your personal Google Account. At this time, school accounts or non-gmail accounts will not work.

Step #3: Look for the “+” sign in the top right corner

Step #4: Click “Join Class”

Step #5: Enter your Class Code

2nd-5th Grade Class Codes:

  • Week #1 (Much Ado About Nothing): 7cvm2j2

  • Week #2 (The Merchant of Venice): zzqw5dt

  • Week #3 (Romeo & Juliet): ycmng6c

  • Week #4 (Twelfth Night): 6matpez

  • Week #5 (A Midsummer Night’s Dream): r53xflo

  • Week #6 (Hamlet): z3fnpif

6th-12th Grade Class Codes:

  • Week #1 (Much Ado About Nothing): 5gtgbo6

  • Week #2 (The Merchant of Venice): ff2pen4

  • Week #3 (Romeo & Juliet): 5ncde3y

  • Week #4 (Twelfth Night): qmhcugq

  • Week #5 (A Midsummer Night’s Dream): 33yfvjd

  • Week #6 (Hamlet): dlzpwps

If you have any questions, email education@shakespearedallas.org or send a comment in your classroom!