Shakespeare Unlocked

Shakespeare Unlocked is a fast-paced 50 minute crashcourse in Shakespeare that takes students through a veritable Shakespeare 101. During this performance two professional actors perform scenes from Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and The Taming of the Shrew in period costumes.

Where: Your School!
Running Time: 55 minutes
Availability: Throughout the year
Maximum Attendance: 150 Students Price: $350*


In addition to watching these scenes, students are given modern instruction on how to decode Shakespeare’s special brand of poetry. Students will learn about
Rhymed Verse, Prose, and Iambic Pentameter in addition to learning about Shakespeare’s life and times. This production is highly interactive with audience participation and student volunteer opportunities
throughout that can be tailored to various levels, and outfitted for classes that are just beginning or highly advanced. The best part is that we come to your school! This program meets several English\Language Arts TEKS.

For further booking information, contact Julie Osborne Watts at Shakespeare Dallas or 214.559.2778.

*Mileage fee will apply to venues further than 25 miles from the Shakespeare Dallas office which is located at 1250 Majesty Dr., Dallas, TX 75247.