Master Classes

This fifty minute master class is presented in conjunction with What Visions Have I Seen! Shakespeare and the Invented Word, or as a stand alone master class.  This additional program gives students the detailed overview of the mechanics behind Shakespeare’s works. Suitable for grades 2-12 and customizable for English, Language Arts, or Theater classes.

We don’t expect students to tackle calculus without prior math training. So why should we expect them to comprehend language arts without a foundation in Shakespeare?

SD’s workshop series offer a fun, interactive way for students to begin exploring the wonderful world of language. Using the performance they have just seen as a springboard, the workshop goes deeper into the various aspects of Shakespearian theatre. Students play Shakespeare word games, focus on vocabulary and use Shakespearian quotes and monologues as a springboard for learning. All workshops are taught by the professional Shakespeare on the Go actors they have just seen in performances. This fifty minute workshop will give students a detailed overview of the mechanics behind Shakespeare’s works. It covers:

  • Questions about Shakespeare. Students can ask questions about Shakespeare as well as questions about the Shakespeare on the Go program. Students will be given a mini-history lesson about Shakespeare and his life and times in 16th Century England.
  • Physical and Vocal Warm Up. Students will learn first hand why it’s important to keep the body and voice alive. Through vocal and physical warm-ups with the students, they will earn that stage acting is not unlike preparing for a big game. Students will rise from their chairs and get their bodies and voices moving!
  • Theatre Games. Acting isn’t just moving and speaking. It’s also thinking. In this workshops students will be asked to play a variety of games that will engage both body and mind. Listening, improvisation and reacting will give students a taste of just how much skill the art of acting requires.
  • Iambic Pentameter. Iambic Pentameter teaches the essential components of Shakespeare’s language. Students will learn the basic definition of iambic pentameter, and then be asked to demonstrate what they have just learned through actual quotes from Shakespeare’s plays. Discover how iambic pentameter is fundamental to both actors learning his text AND a student’s ability to understand Shakespeare’s plays.
  • Stage Combat. Stage Combat offers a fun, interactive means for students to fuse physical activity with learning Shakespeare. Some of the most exciting fight scenes in history are in Shakespeare’s plays, with a brief history lesson and explanation of the basics of Stage Combat, reality vs. film and stage and why it’s so important to be safe.
  • Cooling Down. The cool down will give students the opportunity to calmly reflect on the points covered by the workshop. Through controlled breathing and stretching they will relax and then return to their chairs and be given opportunity to ask any additional questions about the workshop. Points covered will be reiterated in this conclusion of the workshop.

Workshops address the following Curriculum standards: History, Movement and Voice Work, Shakespeare Verse, Language Arts, Theatre Arts, Stage Combat and Improvisation.

This program is AP Approved.

Where: Your school
Running time: 50 Minutes
Availability: Available Upon Request
Price: $150 for up to 25 students

*Mileage fee will apply to venues further than 25 miles from the Shakespeare Dallas office which is located at 1250 Majesty Dr., Dallas, TX 75247.

For further booking information, contact Julie Osborne Watts at or at 214.559.2778.