At Shakespeare Dallas we are asked all the time: is Shakespeare still relevant today? There are countless situations in Shakespeare’s plays, that can be put into the category of ‘the human condition’ – part of what it means to be human, something that never changes from century to century, or country to country, despite all the differences in knowledge, culture, and emphasis. This is one of the reasons why Shakespeare’s plays continue to be performed, not just in English-speaking countries, but also in translation throughout the world. Shakespeare’s characters experience practically every human emotion you can think of, and every human situation. The social issues of Shakespeare’s day which feature in the plays – class division, racism, sexuality, intolerance, the role and status of women, crime, war, death, disease – are still the burning issues in today’s dysfunctional global society. This new and exciting podcast series will explore these social issues, connecting them straight from the page to our modern world.

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