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Shakespeare Dallas is seeking two Front of House Managers, one Shoppe Manager and one one Parking Attendant for our Summer season (June 10 – July 19; Tuesday- Sunday)

Front of House Managers are asked to run the box office, count patrons, take donations and payment.
Shoppe Manager is asked to run our merchandise shop (called The Shoppe), count cash and take digital payments, and sell our merchandise and sand chairs to our patrons
Parking Attendant is asked to maintain our parking gate and collect payment from our patrons as they arrive at the park



For more information or to apply please email us at 

Please see the Summer Calendar below to learn more about our schedule:



It’s that time again! Shakespeare Dallas is now seeking interns for our Summer shows in 2020!

Thank you to all of amazing interns this winter; we couldn’t have pulled off our 2nd annual winter performance without them.
The internship is unpaid, but it allows interns to gain valuable resume credits, receive a letter of recommendation from our Executive & Artistic Director and, potentially, receive future employment opportunities with Shakespeare Dallas. We are also instituting a new program involving a luncheon with our Executive & Artistic Director in which all interns get to network and discuss theatre and their internship experience.

Applications for the Summer are due February 17th.


If you have any questions at all or would like more information: please feel free to contact me here at or at 214-559-2778