Scavenger Hunt

"Bard in the Neighborhood" Scavenger Hunt

Did you know that the City of Dallas boasts dozens of street named after Shakespearean characters? So bust out those reference books and open up your maps, Shakespeare Dallas is offering a $500 Visa Gift Card to the mega-fan that can find them all!

Starting Monday, May 16, 2022 - watch this page for a hint - could be a quote, an image, or a past production - that hint will provide the scavenger with the name of a character featured in Shakespeare's plays. The name will then lead thee on an epic quest to a street in Dallas city limits. From there, you are to take a selfie to document your arrival. It's important that the photo features both your face as well as the street sign!

Post the photo to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and tag Shakespeare Dallas. We'll like or comment to let you know we've seen it and notate your submission. The winner will be the individual with the most correct submissions. In the event that there is a tie, we will draw for a winner.

We will only count submissions that are from the official list curated by Shakespeare Dallas. Should you find that one character appears in several instances around Dallas (Example: Romeo Drive, Romeo Street, Romeo Lane), any submission would be deemed correct, and you may submit for all 3 to earn 3 points.

Hints will be given every week day! Please note, hints may be provided at live events or on social media first, but all hints will be archived on this page.

We hope you'll join us on this challenge for $500! The final hint will be given at the opening night reception of A Midsummer Night's Dream (Friday, June 17). Submissions will be tallied and a winner will be announced at the opening night reception of The Tempest (Friday, June 24).