Professional Training

Shakespeare Dallas is dedicated to providing professional training opportunities to its artists and the community. From weekend workshops with renowned Shakespeare & Company to community trainings with local artists, Shakespeare Dallas believes in investing in the local artistic community.

Suiting the Action to the Word – Introductory Workshop on Fitzmaurice Vocal Technique in Shakespearean Performance

Led by Gregory Lush and David Goodwin

Monday August 10th, 7-10PM at Sammons Center, 4th Floor

Speaking verse clearly through dance, swordplay, or simply the conditions of emotional extremity found in Shakespeare’s work places physical and vocal demands on the actor which challenge a body conditioned by life in the twenty-first century. An actor’s efforts to meet these demands are often undercut by habits of breath and movement that diminish vocal capacity and disconnect the voice from spontaneous fidelity to thought and emotion. The techniques developed by Catherine Fitzmaurice over the past forty years provide the actor with a pathway by which diminishing habits of breath can be eroded or ‘destructured’, clearing the space on which to rebuild or ‘restructure’ the vocal apparatus for greater capacity, range, and responsiveness.

Participants will be led through the fundamentals of Fitzmaurice technique as well as potential applications of the technique for speaking Shakespearean verse. All participants should be prepared with 6-10 lines of Shakespearean verse to work with.


Gregory Lush has been studying and performing Shakespeare’s verse for over twenty years. Having trained with such luminaries as Catherine Fitzmaurice, Dudley Knight, Phil Thompson, the Aquila Theatre Company, and Shakespeare and Company, he has been sharing his love for verse and voice work with actors and students all over the country for well over a decade at such institutions as the Folger, Oklahoma State, Ohio University, Shakespeare Dallas, Vpstart Crow, and the Genesis Shakespeare Festival, where he was Associate Artistic Director. He is a certified Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework.

David Goodwin has been performing with Shakespeare Dallas for over thirteen years. David trained extensively with Tina Packer at Shakespeare and Company and is currently Director of Training at Shakespeare Dallas. David has served as a teaching artist for a number of North Texas organizations, most recently for two years as a Big Thought Teaching Fellow. David is currently Chief Instructional Specialist for The University of Shakespeare, an arts-integrated program serving Dallas middle schools.