Oh This Learning, What a Thing It Is!
A 50-minute program focused on Shakespeare's use and invention of language suitable for grades 2-6.
Master Classes

This fifty minute master class is presented in conjunction with Oh This Learning, What A Thing it Is!, Shakespeare and the Spoken Word, or as a stand alone master class.  This additional program gives students the detailed overview of the mechanics behind Shakespeare's works. Suitable for grades 2-12 and customizable for English, Language Arts, or Theater classes. 

Speak the Speech: Shakespeare and the Spoken Word

A fifty-five minute performance exploring Shakespeare's use of language through the exploration of works like Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing and Macbeth. Suitable for grades 6-12.

Play Production Residencies
A unique opportunity to have a professional Shakespeare Dallas Teaching Artist in your school.  Production Residencies can range from a single session to a fully realized production. 

Suitable for grades 3-12.