Shakespeare on the Go!

Shakespeare Dallas presents Shakespeare on the Go!, a one-of-a-kind supplemental arts learning program designed to make Shakespeare accessible to students in grades 2-12. Each year this program reaches over 10,000 students in the North Texas region. The program is comprised of:

After School Drama – A series of hour long after school classes for one day a week, for 12-15 weeks. Under the direction of a professional Shakespeare Dallas artist-educator, students will learn about the art of acting, scene work and engaging with Shakespeare and other famous playwrights throughout the ages. The end of the program will culminate in a performance by the students of scenes and monologues. Suitable for grades 1-12. Available year-round.

All the World’s a Stage – A 50-minute program focused on Shakespeare’s use and invention of language. Suitable for grades 2-6. Available from February 10, 2019 – March 6, 2020.

Master Classes – presented in conjunction with What Visions Have I Seen! and Speak the Speech: Shakespeare and the Invented Word, this additional program gives students the detailed overview of the mechanics behind Shakespeare’s works. Suitable for grades 3-12. Available year-round.

Performance Workshops – combine performance by professional actors with an element of professional training. This is the perfect program to take your students’ understanding of Shakespeare and language to the next level. Available year-round.

Play Production Residencies – Under the direction of a professional Shakespeare Dallas artist-educator, students perform their own abbreviated version of one of Shakespeare’s masterpieces. Suitable for grades 3-12. Available year-round.

Shakespeare Unlocked – A 55 minute performance exploring Shakespeare’s use of language through the exploration of works like Romeo and Juliet and The Taming of the Shrew. Suitable for grades 7-12. Available year-round.

Summer Camps – Brand new summer camps for children grades 2-12. Dates TBA!

If you would like to bring one of the Shakespeare on the Go! programs to your school, please contact us by phone at (214) 559-2778 or email our Education Director at

Reactions to Shakespeare on the Go!

“My students actually asked if we could read Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (and we did!)”
–George Washington Carver Elementary Teacher

“[The students] look for books about Shakespeare in our library. They talk about watching live plays and want to act. They ask me to read them more Shakespeare plays—especially other scenes from Romeo and Juliet.”
– Tom C. Gooch Elementary Teacher

“I was just thrilled that although my students speak very little English, they were highly entertained and were able to capture the essence of the plot because of the up-to-date manner in which it was presented. They will definitely want to repeat this experience later in life.”
– Justin F. Kimball High School Teacher

“Shakespeare on the Go! makes the text accessible to the students. It will make them more willing to study and explore Shakespeare in the future. I have no doubt this will intrigue them to try a similar approach to Shakespeare in our own theatre work.”
– Nimitz High School Drama Teacher

“We loved the Master Class! What a one-of-a-kind experience for our students. They will never forget it!”
– Hudson Middle School Teacher

Shakespeare on the Go! is supported in part by:

City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs, Dallas Shakespeare Club, Speedway Charities, and Texas Commission on the Arts.