Adult Enrichment

Shakespeare Dallas is dedicated to providing professional training opportunities to its artists and the community. From weekend workshops with renowned Shakespeare & Company to community trainings with local artists, Shakespeare Dallas believes in investing in the local artistic community.

StageNotes – Stage Notes was designed to deepen the cultural experience of our productions by giving participants an in-depth look at each show, an overview of the entire season and an opportunity for interested parties to give feedback.

Educator Training – Our educator training sessions run from between 1.5 – 2.5 hours. Educators work with professional Shakespeare Dallas teaching artists including the Executive and Artistic Director, Raphael Parry, to decode Shakespeare’s use of language such as Iambic Pentameter, Rhymed Verse and Prose. Our goal is to give educators the tools to make Shakespeare’s language more approachable to students. In addition, educators learn different techniques for teaching and directing Shakespeare and are given resources to help both in the classroom and the rehearsal hall. Our goal is to make Shakespeare accessible to educators who have never studied the bard and to help those who have an appreciation for Shakespeare to deepen their knowledge of his works. Educator Training sessions can also be customized to meet educators’ specific needs.

Please contact Julie Osborne Watts at or 214-559-2778 for more information.

Professional Training – Stay tuned for information about upcoming workshops!