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Based on our mission and the belief that Shakespeare’s words and ideas transcend time periods, cultural backgrounds and economic boundaries, Shakespeare remains the source of our programs. Our educational programming, which began in 1984 with one course for all ages, has grown to include multiple in-school programs for a variety of ages, staged readings in the community, stage notes to give audiences a more in-depth look at our performances, and professional training for actors to improve their performances.

Shakespeare on the Go! encompasses four programs that are interactive, lively, and will resonate with today’s youth. These vital programs offer outstanding educational entertainment and instruction for virtually all grades. Whether students are just starting to learn about Shakespeare or working on their own Shakespearean productions, you’ll find a program that accommodates your needs. Shakespeare Unplugged is designed to give the community a way to explore Shakespeare’s works in new ways. This outreach and educational program features staged readings performed all around Dallas. Educator Training provides tools to teachers to help students decode Shakespeare and develop an appreciation and connection to his works in the modern classroom. Professional Training is offered throughout the year to provide actors with the opportunity to explore different methods of working with voice, text, motion, and more to improve their performance. Stage Notes was designed to deepen the cultural experience of Shakespeare in the Park by giving participants an in-depth look at each show, an overview of the entire season and an opportunity for interested parties to give feedback.

Shakespeare Dallas has a new fundraising opportunity that will also help educate your children about Shakespeare!  The Shakespeare Theatre Association, of which Shakespeare Dallas is a member will receive a portion of the proceeds from every North American sale of this interactive app from Gingersnap Limited.  Click HERE to learn more and purchase!